About Aretetic Solutions, Inc.

Aretetic Solutions, Inc. is an Atlanta based, family run web development and marketing solutions company. Providing best practice web development and targeted, intentional marketing solutions to help your company in a individualized way every time, all with reasonable prices and a personal touch.


the aggregate of qualities, as valor and virtue, making up good character.

All our employees come from very different walks of life and have vastly spread world experience, meaning we will be able to offer you perspective and experience from all of our worldly fields.

Customer communications and marketing strategies are handled by the vivacious Michelle Terry, you are sure to be greeted with warm energy and have your personal needs looked at with the utmost attention to detail. A yoga teacher, mother, photographer, and long time visual artist, Michelle brings a balanced, attentive work ethic to all her projects.

Web development and coding are handled by Ian Terry, Michelle's loving husband, who has been practicing web development professionally for nearly 10 years. A linguist, father, and lover of all things computer technology, Ian strives for best practices and perfect code at every turn.

Artwork and graphic design are skillfully created by Chris Posey, a long time artist who has been refining his skills his entire life. Also a father, lab specialist, and avid rapper/musician, Chris brings new ideas, quick thinking, and a very skilled artistic hand to each project to ensure unique images and themes to bring your companies brand fully onto the pages of your web site.

Records are maintained by Chris' wonderful wife, Angel Posey, who has extensive experience with legal systems and office management. As a mother, phlebotomist, and physical asset producer, Angel ensures all records are kept with attention to detail and will always be available with a kind ear and a helping hand.